Microsoft just released the long-anticipated update to Intune’s App Configuration experience for the Outlook (mobile) app. First announced at Ignite, the update now makes it possible to configure (parts of) the Outlook mobile client through the GUI instead of having to specify the settings manually.

At this time, the update only allows basic profile configuration (as depicted in the image below). According to the announcement, future updates will allow you to configure additional functionalities like Focused Inbox or the ability to restrict contacts from syncing to the device, etc.

To access the feature, open Intune from the Azure Portal. From there, navigate to App Configuration Policies and create a new policy:

Note: Once you have created the policy, it should automatically apply IF you have deployed the Outlook app from the Company Portal. It will not work if your users have downloaded the app themselves directly from the platform’s respective app stores.

Although, at first, this might seem like a minor update. It’s one in a series of many which make Outlook Mobile easy to manage and deploy. Given my personal preference for the app, I can only applaud this and I look forward to future updates.