Following the recent talks about KEMP that is going to be delivering security-related features to it’s Load Masters, I got in touch with one of KEMP’s employees who confirmed firmly that KEMP indeed intends to deliver the complete set of new security feature that were listed in the internal memo.

Additionally, he also stated that these features will be coming under the name “Edge Security Gateway” (ESG) and released early in 2013 as a “zero-cost enhancement to the core LoadMaster product family”. It also looks like that these features will be added to all LoadMaster models; physical and virtual because internet-facing deployments pose the same security challenges to small guys and big guys alike, according to KEMP.

It isn’t the first time that KEMP pulls of such a ‘stunt’, a few years back they also added features as HTTP Caching, Compression and IPS at no additional cost.

The reason that I’m actively blogging about this is two-folded. For one, as a KEMP user I like the value their devices offer. Sure, big players like F5 and Citrix have their added-value, but from a cost/benefit perspective it’s hard to surpass KEMP, in my humble opinion. Secondly, I like the way KEMP runs it business. Of course profit will be one of the biggest drives, but I also noticed that KEMP tends to listen to it’s customers and evenly important: the Exchange community.

I remember that, back at MEC, fellow UC Architect Serkan Varoglu and I were changing thoughts with two of the KEMP guys on this subject. We literally came to the conclusion that it would be nice to see KEMP “filling the gap” that TMG would leave behind. Knowing that our input, as well as the input of many others within the community is taken seriously and is also acted upon can only be applauded.

On Monday, KEMP will be making an official announcement so make sure to keep an eye on their twitter feed and website! I have signed up for testing these new features during the BETA. So expect to see some additional information when it becomes available!

Until later!


Note   I wasn’t asked to write this article and I am doing this by my own choice. I haven’t been given nor been promised anything in return by KEMP or anyone else. These thoughts and opinions are purely my own.